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About Jonny

What can I say about myself so I don't sound like I'm braggin or trying too hard... I am the best thing to hit the universe since sabre tooth tigers. I shine brighter than a quasar. Being me is like being a ninja playing a bad ass guitar solo on the roof of a police station. People adore me, they want me. They see me and want to touch me, just to feel alive. I am pure life. I am pure love. I am Everything... Which means YOU are everything. Everything I am, You are...This is your consciousness telling you how amazing you are through Jonny Cruz's website... HI ME... I love you.

My first experience acting was when I tried out for the role of Braum Bones in Sleepy Hallow. I was in the fourth grade and I was ready to kill it. I gave it all I had and then some. Mrs. McDonald loved my performance so much she decided to give the role to Lawrence Lawson. I was outraged and betrayed (Lawrence used to let me copy off of him). I got the part of Mr. Van Tassel instead. The 50 year old father of Katrina Van Tassel.. I had one line. BUT I gave the best god damn performace a fourth grader could give. Nobody gave a shit. But I did... I GAVE A SHIT.

You can find my history of work since then on my IMDB Page. A girl be trying to raise that star meter naw mean...

Also if you're looking to really get more info on me check out my wikipedia page that someone was crazy enough to create for me


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